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About Us

We College of mathematics - Research centre / Easy Evaluation established in the year 1965. With over 4 decades of experience in the world Mathematics our Founder and Properiter Mr. R.K.S. Manian completed his Triple M.Sc., in mathematics respectively from Kathmand University, Madras university and madurai univerasity.

In the Global Mathematics the applications and types are many but generally math is one of the oldest academic fields, and therefore one of the more developed. We are best  in solving and teaching any kind of simple to complex equations for courses like M.Tech.,M.B.A.,M.C.A.,M.Sc.,and any levels from any Universiteies around the World.

We are proudly saying that our founder is one of the living Mathematical Legend and His involvement and way of teaching is very simple and user likable as follows,

The College of mathematics helps improve and speed up the learning of mathematics for students at all levels of mathematical ability.  

  • Providing question by question feedback in response to student answers to alert students to mistakes straight away.
  • Providing carefully prepared step-by-step solutions to every question from the interactive exercises in the author's proven writing style, no matter how easy or difficult the question.
  • Providing extensive support reading material in the form of mathematical theory and examples that are closely integrated with the relevant interactive exercise.
  • Indexing and hyperlinking key mathematical terms to ensure explanations are not far away and concepts are reinforced across different chapters.

Finaly Problem Will Be solved.